Do You Have Hidden Credit Card Debt?

Credit card debt is often referred to as the worst type of debt, and I agree. However, we normally think of credit card debt as the debt that accrues from months of making only the minimum payment, and the high interest that follows. While that’s definitely credit card debt, there’s also a less obvious form of debt that easily results … Full Article

How I Saved $85k By Ignoring Dave Ramsey

Thumbnail depicting a credit card, a car, a family under an umbrella, and a house.

Whether or not you agree with his stances, Dave Ramsey is very well known in the personal finance space. He has very outspoken opinions, some of which are controversial because he takes an extremely risk-adverse position on debt. I do consider myself relatively risk-averse, but I am okay with taking on small amounts of mitigated risk in order to grow my wealth more quickly. Dave Ramsey is most famous for his baby steps… Full Article

Create a Surplus & Stop Accumulating Debt

After evaluating your spending history and committing to tracking your spending, the next step is to create a surplus. By this I mean, find a way to spend less than you earn.  This step must be taken even before you start saving for an emergency fund or start investing. Skipping this step is like trying to fill a bucket with … Full Article

The Ultimate Guide to Credit Scores

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You may hear a lot of people talk about their credit score, and maybe even about wanting to improve them. Someone has probably advised you to “start building credit” at some point in your life. But why is it important, and what determines a credit score? Credit scores are basically your financial rating. It’s like your grade report for finances (and just when you thought you were done with school forever). Lenders, landlords, credit card companies, and insurance companies may pull your credit score… Full Article