COVID-19 Shows Employers’ True Colors

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Employers often present themselves as caring, flexible, and understanding of difficult situations. They want you to think this in order to keep you “content enough” to stay. It’s easy for them to send out an email here and there, reminding you of their “flexible” vacation, sick leave, and maternity/paternity policies. They tell you to “be safe” during holidays and may even give you a small gift as a token of their appreciation… Full Article

How to Save Enough for Retirement by 25

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Sometimes when I’m at work, I wonder what would happen if I quit my job today. This thought usually emerges when I’m asked to do unnecessary work to make some “important” metric appear better. Or after being involved in a series of email chains that could be better handled with a quick conversation, or a lengthy meeting that could have been handled in a quick email. Gotta love the inefficiencies of the corporate life… Full Article

Why You Need to Track Your Net Worth

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Once you’re tracking your spending and saving money, it’s important to track your net worth. Your net worth is a measure of your financial health and indicates how close you are to financial independence. Net worth is simply all of your assets (things that have monetary value) minus your liabilities (money you owe to others). Basically, it’s a snapshot of your current financial worth, and is commonly how people measure their financial independence (or lack of)… Full Article

12 Millionaires Who Improved the World

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Recently I wrote a post about your “why,” or your reason for pursuing financial independence. I think sometimes it can be difficult to picture what money can empower people to do, so I wanted to give some concrete examples. A caveat before reading: I struggled with whether I should include celebrities at all in this list. Fame is not required to be wealthy, nor are celebrities always wealthy… Full Article

Why You Need Financial Independence

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If you’ve found your way on this site, you are probably seeking a path to save money and build wealth. The first thing you need to ask yourself on your wealth-building journey is whether you really want it. You may roll your eyes and ask, Who wouldn’t want wealth? But I mean truly want it. For example, who wouldn’t want to be in good physical condition? It’s very possible and pretty straightforward. Yet, how many people are at their target weight? Full Article