Why You Don’t Need a Financial Advisor

Many people assume that if they are not financial wizards, they should use a financial advisor. Another common assumption (especially among high income earners with little time) is that a financial advisor could manage their money more quickly or effectively than they can. I believe, for most people, using a financial advisor is not only unnecessary, but even detrimental to their financial future. Here’s why, and what you should do instead… Full Article

How to Save Enough for Retirement by 25

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Sometimes when I’m at work, I wonder what would happen if I quit my job today. This thought usually emerges when I’m asked to do unnecessary work to make some “important” metric appear better. Or after being involved in a series of email chains that could be better handled with a quick conversation, or a lengthy meeting that could have been handled in a quick email. Gotta love the inefficiencies of the corporate life… Full Article

How I Saved $85k By Ignoring Dave Ramsey

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Whether or not you agree with his stances, Dave Ramsey is very well known in the personal finance space. He has very outspoken opinions, some of which are controversial because he takes an extremely risk-adverse position on debt. I do consider myself relatively risk-averse, but I am okay with taking on small amounts of mitigated risk in order to grow my wealth more quickly. Dave Ramsey is most famous for his baby steps… Full Article

Where to Invest Savings

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I’m sure you’ve heard the following financial advice: pay off debts, save an emergency fund, invest in stocks, contribute to a 401(k), contribute to an IRA, etc. But how do you know which to do when you don’t have enough money to do all of those things? And now that you’re saving at least 10% of your income, where should … Full Article