Building Good Financial Habits and Breaking Bad Financial Habits

If losing weight was as simple as creating a diet and workout plan, everyone would be in shape. And let’s be honest, if financial independence was as simple as creating a budget, everyone would be retiring early. The difficult part is sticking to your plan. I firmly believe that the biggest barrier to financial independence is mindset. That’s why I … Full Article

Does Your Spending Reflect Your Values?

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In previous posts, I have mentioned the idea of making sure your budget and spending aligns with your values. I don’t think this is a very intuitive concept, but it is extremely important to take your savings to the next level. So today I want to take a deeper dive into this topic with some personal examples of how I’ve … Full Article

How to Benefit from Unexpected Saving Opportunities

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I wonder if, years from now, COVID-19 will have a chapter titled in history books as an “unusual and unprecedented time.” Who else is tired of hearing that phrase? In all seriousness, COVID-19 is scary and terrible and my heart goes out to all who have lost their job or otherwise struggled. A disclaimer: I know that COVID-19 has caused … Full Article

Get Rich by Tracking Your Spending

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Once you’ve thought about your “why” behind wanting to improve your financial position, it’s time to start taking action towards it. First things first: you need to evaluate your current spending habits. You can’t improve or achieve a goal if you don’t know where you’re at and where you’ve been. Tracking your spending is the #1 way you can start to improve your spending habits, because it shows you where your money is going and what you’re… Full Article

12 Millionaires Who Improved the World

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Recently I wrote a post about your “why,” or your reason for pursuing financial independence. I think sometimes it can be difficult to picture what money can empower people to do, so I wanted to give some concrete examples. A caveat before reading: I struggled with whether I should include celebrities at all in this list. Fame is not required to be wealthy, nor are celebrities always wealthy… Full Article

Why You Need Financial Independence

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If you’ve found your way on this site, you are probably seeking a path to save money and build wealth. The first thing you need to ask yourself on your wealth-building journey is whether you really want it. You may roll your eyes and ask, Who wouldn’t want wealth? But I mean truly want it. For example, who wouldn’t want to be in good physical condition? It’s very possible and pretty straightforward. Yet, how many people are at their target weight? Full Article