Save More Money.

Achieve Your Money Goals.

The Real Person Budget

By: Dough for Tomorrow

Create and commit to a budget to consistently save money without building a spreadsheet, cutting out the things you love, giving up credit cards, or pretending like every month in your life is the same.

4 Modules • 8 Lessons • 46 minutes

You know you need to commit to a budget to start saving money instead of going further into debt.

But why does that feel so difficult? When you think about budgeting and saving money, you end up feeling like:

  • “I have so many expenses and so much debt. I could never save 10-20% of my income.”

  • “I’m not sure how to create a budget or where to begin–it’s so overwhelming and the thought gives me anxiety.”

  • “I don’t have time or the desire to track all of my expenses in a spreadsheet.”

  • “When I look at my empty bank account, I have no idea where my money went.”

  • “I’m frustrated that I make a plan to save money but then unexpected purchases come up.”

  • “When I look at credit card statements, I feel regret and guilt about my purchases.”

  • “I’m so tired of bank overdraft fees, but I can’t seem to get ahead.” 

  • “I want to go on a vacation and buy a house, but I can’t seem to save money for large purchases.”

  • “I’m tired of going out with friends and only having enough money to afford a drink or appetizer.” 

You know that you should be able to save money from your income, and saving money could transform your life. But as each month passes, you still haven’t done it.

You tell yourself that you can always catch up later.

But in reality, doing nothing is falling behind.

Imagine your life when:

  • You know exactly what you spent your money on each month, and you know you will have $500 left in your bank account to achieve your goals

  • You look back at purchases with happiness and know that they align with your values

  • You sleep easy at night because you know you’re saving money each month instead of going further into debt

  • You’re confident you will still reach your monthly savings goals even though unexpected expenses come up and even though each month is not the same

  • You know you’ll be able to afford a vacation and a down payment on a house because you’re intentionally saving for it

  • You don’t feel guilt or anxiety about spending money on the things you love, because you know the money is in your bank account and you’ve planned for it

  • You only spend a few minutes a week reviewing your budget and your spending

There’s a simple solution to go from money misery to money mastery…

Creating a budget AND living it out.

Hi, I’m Hannah

I help ambitious young professionals quickly create a budget and spending tracking system so that they can consistently save more and achieve their money goals. 

For some people, creating a budget from scratch is a major hurdle. They think budgeting requires making a complicated spreadsheet. They get overwhelmed, and they procrastinate taking any action.

For others, sticking to the budget is the biggest challenge. They create an ideal budget but it ends up having no purpose because they always overspend. 

In college, I wasn’t budgeting–or at least not sticking to one. I tried many budget templates and methods, but most budget templates are long and complicated, and most budget courses don’t even address how to actually commit to a budget. I ended up using student loans to pay for international vacations. While I graduated with a relatively small amount of debt (~$15k), I was in a position where I could have graduated debt-free, had I managed my money better.

I’ve spoken to so many people in a similar position. So I created my own budget spreadsheet and tracking method–it’s what enabled me to consistently save 30% of my income each month and get on track to have a net worth of $100k by age 25. It’s also what enabled me to travel to 12 countries and buy a house by age 24. 

That’s why I created this program for YOU–the busy professional who understands the importance of saving money and is ready to create a simple budget, stay committed to it, and achieve your money goals. This program will show you how to do just that in less than an hour.


Dough for Tomorrow’s

The Real Person Budget

A course for young professionals who are ready to COMMIT to a budget and grow their money.

Here’s what you can expect when you join:

  • 8 lessons with videos and written how-to guides for using my budget spreadsheet, Mint, and Personal Capital to create a budget and track your spending
  • A clear understanding about why you want a budget and how to stay committed to it
  • Knowledge about how you’ve been spending your money in the past
  • A completed budget and the confidence that your budget and spending aligns with your values
  • A method to track your spending to ensure you live out your budget
  • Consistently save your desired amount of money to achieve your money goals

In Module One…

you’ll learn how to track your current spending so that you gain clarity regarding where your money is going and why you need a budget.

In Module Two…

you’ll learn how to create a budget that reflects your current spending so that you can understand how much you’re currently losing or saving per month.

In Module Three…

you’ll learn how to cut unnecessary things from your budget so that you can start saving 10% (or more) of your income, while still keeping the things you love and value in your budget (which could be coffee, clothes, books, etc).

In Module Four…

you’ll learn how to live out your budget and commit to it so that you still save 10% or more, even when unexpected things come up in your life, and even though every month is different.

Course Curriculum

Get Started

Module 1: Clarity

Module 2: Create

Module 3: Cut

Module 4: Commit


Plus, receive these exclusive enrollment bonuses:

Personal budget spreadsheet template

You’ll get access to my personal budget spreadsheet, so you don’t have to spend days creating your own or trying to re-create mine.

Budget categories list

Don’t know where to start with budgeting and what categories you’ll need to budget? Afraid you’ll forget something and throw off your budget? I’ve included a comprehensive list of budget categories to consider.

“Easy Things to Cut” Guide

Do you think it’s impossible to save 10% of your income? Don’t know where to start when it comes to cutting things out of your budget? You’ll receive a guide with tons of ideas for “easy” things to cut.

Values Calculator

I’ve included the calculator I use to determine how many hours I work to pay for each budget category. This will help you determine if your budget aligns with your values.

Your No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee

Because of my confidence in the value of this program, I’m proud to offer a 30-day refund policy. Try out the entire program for the next 30 days, and if you don’t experience any results, you can get 100% of your money back.


Read my full refund policy here.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Why should I spend money on this course when I already spend too much?”

I fully believe you will be able to quickly recoup the cost of this course after you create a budget and start saving money each month. While I can’t guarantee this (because it requires your dedication and commitment to your budget), my goal is to provide the knowledge and support you need to reach your money and savings goals. 

If you don’t experience positive results, we offer a 30 day refund policy. In order to qualify for a refund, you must demonstrate that you consumed all of the course content within 30 days, implemented the strategies in the program, and did not experience any results. This includes watching all of the course videos, filling out the workbooks, and putting the templates into action. Read more about it here.

There are also additional ways to come up with the money for this course, including using a portion of your tax refund, asking a family member or friend to gift it to you, or using some of a work bonus. This program will teach you how to budget for items like this in the future!

“How long will this take? I don’t have much free time.”

I made this course specifically for you! You can start seeing results from this course in as little as one day. That’s also why I’ve included my budget template (so you don’t have to make your own), and that’s why I show you automated budgeting and expense tracking resources.

“When do I get access, and for how long?”

You get access to all the lessons and materials right away, and you have access for life!

“I don’t see my question listed. Can you help?”

Please email for any other questions!

One More Thing…

I know how tough it is to budget. And it doesn’t matter how much your budget claims you’re saving, if you can’t actually stick to it. It took me years and thousands in lost dollars before I figured it out. 

And I know you’re wondering if this will be just another program with big promises, but doesn’t actually systematically walk you through how to create a budget, or how to actually stick to it. 

Here’s my promise to you: this program includes zero-fluff, comprehensive video and written tutorials that will give you the tools you need to create a budget and to live it out for years to come.